Featured Brand: Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Buffalo Jackson sells manly apparel and accessories for manly men. We have helped them do so along the way by implementing testosterone-driven custom business software solutions, setting up an Amazon storefront, creating and executing various marketing and advertising elements, and IT support. It’s eCommerce that puts hair on your chest.

Web Re-Design

Buffalo Jackson contacted us to help them overhaul their website. Top items on the list were, design a responsive site that would resize to fit mobile devices, tablets as well as various computer sizes. We also wanted to highlight the product photography by using larger photos. We took this opportunity to also go through the back-end of their site hosted on Magento and clean up the code, clear out old applications and organize the product line. We re-launch the website before the holiday season and sales have been going up ever since. Their site has seen a 300% increase in sales since the new design overhaul.