Everyone needs a Ninja on their side.
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Wool IQ socks contacted us to create a series of short videos featuring their "Spokesheep" Dan Merino. In less than 24-hours, our small crew of three filmers accomplished a string of entertaining, yet highy-effective social media videos showcasing exactly why the Wool IQ brand is shear genius. But, it took a combination of both marketing videos and photos to really capture the personality and essence of what makes this brand Soft, Strong and Intelligent. 

Athletic: It can be challenging to prove that you're athletic even if you're not, unless there is a team of ninjas involved. Our first video features Dan "The Spokesheep" Merino wearing Wool IQ socks playing sand volleyball in an effort to prove that their product can withstand the toughest outdoor elements. 

Sweaty: Sometimes all it takes is a short and sweet message from a guy dressed like a sheep to explain why wool trumps cotton.  

Wind: Dan Merino speaks candidly to the camera about the quality of Wool IQ socks. 

The Haircut: Even ninjas have a sense of humor, so if your sales are slumping, then perhaps you should consider infusing some laughter into your marketing efforts. The "Spokesheep" goes to the barber in this comedic video to show just how nice their wool cleans up. 

Photography: From camping to hiking in the wilderness, the lifestyle photos provided the finishing touch to this successful NinjaVision production.

Services Offered

• Video Production
• Lifestyle Photography
• Graphic Design
• Website Development
• Social Media Support


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